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Tommy Cadle

Tommy Cadle is an unhappy and sensible 12-year old boy who likes to live his life just under the radar. He has no problems, hassles, and troubles. He's a nice "B cup" student with a nice, supple behind. But that was before Dinko and the gang showed up. Now he spends his nights shooting blanks all over pictures of dead children thanks to the fact that his alien friends chewed off his spermatic chords during a tantric sex session.


In school Tommy is an homosexual, but he finds completely okay. So he can pursue alone his hobbies: caramels, video games, eating smegma from his tight foreskin. In this order. One day, a spaceship crashes with five aliens in Tommy's lighthouse, his life changes abruptly. Dinko and other aliens have come to help Tommy. Although he has not asked for help. Dinko who calls the Earthling lovingly "Tommy of the earth", is everyone's best friend. And when he's with his buddies already there, they can stay that way.

Voice actorsEdit

In the English language, Tommy is spoken by Charles Adler. In the German language, he is spoken by Hans-Jürgen Dittberner. In the French, he is spoken with David Scarpuzza (Season 1), and Hypolite de Poucoues (Season 2).

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Tommy and the five aliens.