These episode only aried with 19 episodes in USA. than all episode in Europa.

Season 1 Edit

  1. The Boy with Six Legs/Evil Emperor
  2. The Amazing Atomic Tommy/Crater of Doom
  3. Attack of the 50 ft Boy/It Came from the Closet
  4. The Bride of Gumpers/The Thing on the Corner
  5. I Was a Teenage Bearded Boy/Escape from Detention X
  6. Box of Doom/Assault of a Rodent
  7. They Came from Outer Space/Tentacles of Terror
  8. The Great Movie Massacre/The Day That Wouldn't End
  9. It Comes When You Sleep/Attack of the Werescruffy
  10. Sounds of Doom/Darkness
  11. She Comes for Your Heart/Beast Who Stole My Heart
  12. Night of the Walking Cannonball/It Landed on the Porch
  13. Bay of the Triffids/Doctor of Doom
  14. Invasion of the Balloon People/The Little Monster Ball
  15. The Land That Size Forgot/The Day the Food Expired
  16. The Evil that Thumbs Do/Terror TV
  17. Bad Blood from Beyond/The Day Time Stood Still
  18. Horror Scope/Scare Affair
  19. Stage Fright/Night of the Cat People
  20. Return Of The Ghastly Gobbler/Shipping And Handling Not Included
  21. The Boy Who Became Something…/Unleashed Beast Of Fury
  22. The Creature Of The Spray Bay/The Alien Who Sold The World
  23. Beware The Decider Maker/I Voted For An Alien
  24. A Pirate And His Dog/They Took Tommy’s Brain
  25. The Boy Who Ate Too Much Taffy/The Floating Head
  26. The Time That Time Ended/The Day Of Judgement

Season 2 Edit

This season has a new theme song/opening sequence and it only aired on Kabillion:

  1. The Creature Who Left / It Came from the Fan Club
  2. The World Without Hamburgers / Evil That Pinched My Feet
  3. The Earth Boy Who Needed Protection / Seventy Foot Tommy
  4. Island of Doom / Him
  5. The Guest Who Wouldn't Leave... Ever / Day of the Naked Aliens
  6. Master Jakers! / The Horror That Is Klattou
  7. He Walks and Talks Like an Alien / The Night of Two Tommys +1
  8. Curse of the Frozen Tommy / Night of the Norwegian Boy
  9. Curse of the Invisible Boy / Remote Control of Doom
  10. They Took the Toilet to Outer Space / This Phone, This Insanity!
  11. They Had an Aluminium Ticket / The Slo-Mo Terror
  12. Trapped in the Pink Purse Dimension / Race with the Clinton
  13. Big Hand of Fate / The Beast That's Stuck in My Foot
  14. The Black Eye Of Doom/The Sheriff Was An Alien
  15. Crevice Of Doom/She Came From Conforma!
  16. Terror In My Nose/Belch Of Destruction
  17. Gumpers Of The Future/Planet Of The Granvilles
  18. The Boy Who Cried the Wolf ”/The Cow Says „Moo!”
  19. Duet From Another Dimension!/The Doctor Is In… Sane!
  20. The Horrible Workout Of Evil/The Incredible Floating Boy
  21. The Lookalike Girl Of Evil/Uranus Awaits
  22. The Night My Brain Froze/Hot Hot Hot!
  23. When TV Ruled The World/The Bad Hair Day
  24. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Swanky/The Day That Flip Stood Still
  25. When Clinton Ruled The World!/Beware The Crack!
  26. The Alien Who Invaded The Taffy Shoppe/Hammy Of Earth!

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